UC San Diego

UC San Diego, a campus of the University of California, is not the oldest university in the state. However, since being established in 1960, it has built a solid reputation as a research university. It’s based in La Jolla and should rank high on your list if you’re looking for a scenic campus.

With more than 200 programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, the university is proud to boast a lot of successful alumni and is well supported by businesses in the area.

The university can take around 28,000 undergraduate students, with room for about 8 000 graduate students.

It is worth taking a tour of the campus if you do get the chance. The university boasts several buildings of significant architectural interest. The Geisel Library looks like it was drawn from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book, which is fitting as it was named after the creator of Dr. Seuss.

Another place worth touring is Little Italy.

Mandeville Hall is another place of interest but skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. The hall has a staircase decorated completely in graffiti that will give urban artists a big kick.

If you’re an art lover, look out for the pieces of the Stuart collection in various places on the campus. The art is bold and thought-provoking, which is perfect for a place of learning.