Top 5 Kitchen Trends in 2017

Kitchens have become much more than just a place to prepare and cook meals. They have become the center piece and point of pride in a home. They are a spot where people gather and feel welcome.

It’s recommended to renovate your kitchen every 10-15 years to keep up with times. The changes you make have drastic effects on the mood and feel of the entire home. Even the smallest tweaks can have a big effect.

Whether you are planning to make a few minor adjustments, or do a complete remodel, having a knowledge of the trending styles and approaches is critical. Here are 5 big ones we’ve seen in 2017.

1.White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinetry in a kitchen does a lot more than many people assume. First of all, it gives the entire kitchen a clean, sleek look. Second, it helps to reflect light around the room to make the entire space feel bigger and brighter.

It’s a common misconception that white cabinetry robs your kitchen of personality or uniqueness. In reality, choosing this color is a fantastic way to compliment a wide range of designs and styles. The beauty of going white is that it’s a timeless, versatile color that will do wonders to lighten up the room and bring attention to the finer details of the look you have chosen.


Designing kitchens with an island is a relatively new concept. While these pieces can take many shapes and sizes, at the core, an island is meant to serve a central hub within a kitchen.

Primarily intended for kitchens with open space, islands can provide a multitude of benefits.

For one, they can add a great deal of space for a number of amenities like a sink, oven, stove, ect. Additionally, you have more room to expand your whole cooking procedure.

Two, you can never have too much storage space in a kitchen. Installing an island gives you the opportunity to add a great deal of cabinet space.

Third, they are great for creating a gathering point. Kitchens are supposed to represent the very essence of hospitality. Islands hold true to this ideology and provide an area that brings people together.

This trend is increasingly popular with the younger generation and is seeing a more pronounced role in today’s kitchens. Perhaps the best part about including one in your home is you can get creative with it in terms of size, shape, and accessibility. At the end of the day, they should be designed to increase functionality while giving your kitchen a modern look and feel.

3.Color Painted Cabinets

For long time, people were content with wooden-colored cabinets in their kitchens. Choosing the right tone can work magic to give the room a wonderful, natural vibe. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, we are starting to see more and more people bring color into their kitchen.

A color change in any capacity can have a giant impact. Combining color with the way light comes into a room can completely alter the energy and overall tone.

If you decide to go this route in your design, there are many factors to take into consideration. When evaluating your choices, you should take into account the other elements present in the room. The color you choose references everything else around it. This includes the flooring, backsplashes, appliances, art, ect.

There is a myriad of approaches you can take when adding color.

One strategy is to go completely bold. While this is a great way to add energy to the room, you’ll want to be sure to properly coordinate the color with the surrounding fixtures, as well as the wall. In general, bold colors work best when the surroundings are more neutral.

Using subtle pastels is trending as well. This is an intriguing way to create interest in a room without going too heavy. Softer shades of green and blue are some of the more popular directions people are going.

The possibilities here are practically endless. When selecting color painted cabinets, the most important thing is to choose what you love!

4.Two Toned Cabinets

Two toned cabinets are a concept we are currently seeing a lot of people go with. This entails painting your lower cabinets differently than your upper ones. As there are limitless amounts of combinations to choose from, one of the common threads is keeping the bold colors down low and the more neutral ones on top.

The purpose of this strategy is to draw focus to a specific part of the kitchen and make it more appealing to spend time in. Finding the right combination of tones can have a phenomenal visual effect.

You can even try three colors. If you plan to do this, it’s recommended to use white as a separator. This will do a lot to create a good visual balance. When in doubt, stick to the 60-30-10 rule.

60 = percentage of the dominant color

30 = percentage of secondary color

10 = percentage of the accent color.

Be sure to critically examine the rest of your house. Look for interesting ways your kitchen can serve as the pinnacle of the surrounding tones and colors.

5.Tiny Kitchens

We’ve all seen the fascinating trend with tiny houses in recent years. Now, we are beginning to see people put their innovative, space-saving ingenuity into create breathtaking kitchen designs.

Just because your kitchen is small does not mean you have to compromise style. In fact, as you work to use every square inch to the fullest, there are plenty of opportunities to exhibit uniqueness and character. Once the basic kitchen amenities like the sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator are factored in, it’s time to get creative on how you can maximize your space and storage capabilities while providing a smart, cozy feel. Often times, it’s the smaller kitchens that possess the most elegant and astute vibes!

Having less square footage should not be thought of as a disadvantage, but an opportunity to showcase dexterity.


2017 has been an extremely interesting year in terms of design. We are at a point when millennials are starting to accumulate wealth and buy homes. As many of us are parents to those of this generation, it has been truly extraordinary to see how this age group is choosing to set up the jewel of their homes!