San Diego Padres

If you’re a sport’s fan and want to make friends with San Diego residents and business owners, you’ll need to start beefing up on the local sport’s teams. If it’s baseball you’re interested in, the team you’ll want to find out more about is the San Diego Padres. Want a quick crash course? Then read on.

The Padres are a Major League team that was first established in 1969. They have won a couple of pennants in the last forty years but have yet to win a World Series. Since their inception, they’ve had a total of 14 successful seasons.

The Padres share the distinction of being only one of the two teams in the majors to get their start in California. The other team is the Los Angeles Angels. They’re also unique in that since 2017 they are the only major league sports team based in San Diego. The Chargers, an NFL team, were moved to Los Angeles last year.

So, there you have it — a little more information on the Padres so that you can speak with some authority at your next social event or business meeting.

Just remember the golden rule: the Padres may disappoint their fans from time to time, but these fans are loyal. Don’t get on their wrong side by trash talking their team.