Professionally Crafted Custom Cabinets & Cabinet Refacing Services (CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE)

The specialists at SAN DIEGO KITCHEN PROS shop in San Marcos, California, finish and install custom cabinets and offer cabinet refacing to give your old cabinets new life. We have been in the same location for more than 15 years and are backed by more than 27 years of experience. Experience the competitive customer service and affordable pricing that we offer our clients.

Custom Cabinets

Our experts manufacture all of our cabinetry at our location, which are available in exact sizes with no filler scripts. The turnaround time on custom cabinets is anywhere from two to four weeks. We build, finish, and install custom cabinets in your home for about the same price as boxed cabinets in the store.

Cabinet Refacing

Save money by having your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets refaced, replacing all components of the cabinet except for the interior box structure. You receive new doors, choose the color of the wood, and style everything about the fixture. Refacing jobs take four to five days on average.



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