America’s Second Largest Naval Base

San Diego is a city with a proud history. It is also home to the second biggest naval base in the United States. It serves as home base for the Pacific Fleet which consists of more than fifty ships. The base is a large employer in the area, with over 10, 000 civilians and 24, 000 personnel working there.

With 13 piers and a total of 1,306 acres of land and water, this is a mammoth operation.

Interestingly enough, the land on which the base is situated was originally owned by Pacific Marine Construction. They built their premises there in 191, but just two years later, dwindling profits forced the company to start arranging the sale of the property.

The navy finally took over ownership of the land, but it was only during World War II that significant expansion started taking place. The navy had, by then, bought extra pieces of land in the area surrounding the base.

The base played a highly important strategic role in World War II and was responsible for the repair and maintenance of over 5,000 ships during the latter stages of the war.

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The base today has close to three hundred buildings and is a cherished San Diego landmark.

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