Little Italy

One of the things that people love San Diego for is its cosmopolitan way of life. Many different cultures are present and have transformed society. Little Italy is a neighborhood in the downtown area that was initially home to many Italian fishermen and their families.

The area has outgrown its somewhat humble roots and now boasts many upmarket businesses and craftspeople. The area retains its Italian character, though, and is your best bet if you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine.

If you like a spot of retail therapy, you’re definitely in the right neighborhood. There are shops and art galleries that cater for most tastes. Want some fine Italian leather or some post-modernist art? You’re bound to find it here. You can also check out a Padres game after your meal.

It’s an extremely lively neighborhood that boasts a lower crime rate when compared to other downtown areas. This is mostly thanks to the active Neighborhood Association, who keeps an eye on things while organizing a range of fun cultural events.

One thing is certain; if you visit this area, you’ll have fun. The locals are friendly and love to host events and festivals. Check out the weekly local Mercato (or market for those of us who don’t speak Italian) to find a range of fresh produce and delicious goodies to eat.