Balboa Park, A San Diego Gem

Balboa Park is one of the most popular hangout spots in San Diego, and it’s easy to see why. It is a large open space that is lush and green, with several walking paths, gardens and different vegetation areas. Enjoy a relaxing stroll, go for a jog in the morning, or take your family there for a picnic — it’s a real urban oasis.

But why stop there? Make it a learning experience for your kids by taking them to the renowned San Diego Zoo, or visit one of the museums on the premises. If you’re interested in the arts, the theaters in the park should be right up your alley.

With 1,200 acres of space, there is more than enough for you to explore. Aim at spending the day there, or plan to go back a few times. You can even pick up a gift or two at the nearby shops or visit one of the top shelf restaurants if you don’t feel like cooking.

Now managed by the city, this park was initially named a reserve in 1835. For visitors to the city, this is a must-see destination. Nestled in the heart of the city, you won’t be sorry you visited this park or the Naval Base.