7 Convenient Accessories to Consider for your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is perhaps the most frequented room in a home. If you cook your own meals, you fully understand the importance of making the process as easy and convenient as possible.
Remodeling can be thought of as “cleaning the slate” and creating a whole new playbook for kitchen functionality.

One of the biggest components of this job is the cabinetry. Regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or plan to revamp the existing elements, there are opportunities left and right to add all sorts of accessories to improve workflows and accessibility.
Here are seven to consider.

1. Corner Pantry Susans

When it comes to organizing the pantry, installing susans in the corners is one of the best ways to not only create order, but maximize space. These accessories are ideal for wall cabinets, as well as ones with diagonal fronts.

The structure of the susans can have several levels based on the height of your cabinets. Each disc can be used to properly sort your items and arrange them in a way that utilizes every inch of your storage options.

2. Pull Out Spice Organizers

Any good cook will tell you that a great deal of their secrets involve a plethora of spices. However, it’s incredibly easy for a spice collection to get out of control. Organizing all the little jars is a task that can often times overload cabinet space and countertops.
So what’s a good solution?
Pull out organizers.
These racks can fit perfectly into your cabinet layout and can be created to house each and every spice in your arsenal. The unit itself is typically a tall, thin drawer with multiple shelving levels. Adding a designating location for spices is a wonderful way to not only organize all those jars, but conceal them to reduce clutter throughout the kitchen!

3. Pull Out Drawers for Pots and Pans

Storing pots and pans is a necessity in just about every kitchen. While the stacking method has always been reliable, it can be a pain to maneuver and shift items to get what you need. More than likely, your pots and pans see frequent use. When this is the case, adding a pull out drawer to keep each one organized and easily-accessible will certainly be a remodeling decision you won’t regret.

These drawers are typically wider than most of the other sections in your layout. The inside often features a rack that separates each item to make the cooking process easier than ever.

4. Wine Bottle Lattice Rack

Nothing screams “fancy kitchen” like a wine bottle lattice rack. In addition to the flashy look, it makes storing and displaying your wine collection a breeze.
Lattice racks are a great addition to your cabinets and are usually located around eye level. There are several variations of this unit to choose from. One of the most common designs is a rectangular space with diamond-shaped lattice racks to house each bottle.
This convenient nook can be an incredible addition to your handsome kitchen cabinets. Even more, a lattice rack can free up all kinds of room in the pantry that was previously used to store your wine.

5. Hanging Stemware Rack

If you have elected to add a lattice wine bottle rack to your kitchen cabinets, it’s all but a given that you compliment it with a hanging stemware rack to store all the glasses.
This accessory is a must-have for all wine lovers. Not only does it keep your wine glasses clean and out of harm’s way, it gives you much more room in your cabinets to store regular glasses.

Hanging stemware racks are commonly installed on the underside of cabinets, or suspended from the ceiling.
For as convenient as hanging stemware can be, there are certainly limitations to consider. Most problems are a result of spatial restrictions. Be sure to take all the proper measurements before installing this accessory.

6. Sink Front Tip Out Tray

Perhaps one of the easiest (and most convenient) kitchen accessories to add onto your cabinetry is a tip out tray in front of the sink. Being completely honest, the sight of sponges and scrubbers isn’t exactly flashy or appealing. Tip out trays are great for concealing these, as well as other sink-related tools that require easy access.

These are relatively cheap add-on and will certainly be one of the more useful nooks and crannies in your kitchen. When opened, the hinges at the bottom reveal a hidden shelf.
In addition to storing unsightly cleaning supplies, this tray will help to cut down on clutter around the sink area.

7. Double Trash Can Pull Out Bin

Kitchens are generally the area of a house where the most trash appears. Even more, trash items can be very diverse, ranging from organic waste to packaging. Bottom line, there are all kinds of waste that pass through this room. Not everything is necessarily trash. More than likely, a good deal of the content is recyclable. For this reason, many kitchens have two bins they use to separate the items accordingly.
Having a pull out drawer large enough to house both can do a lot to free up floor space while keeping those nasty odors contained.

If you have a dog, the last thing you want is for them to get into the trash. Keeping them concealed in a drawer is a smart move for everyone. Before penciling these into your remodel, consider your situation. Do you have a big family? Do they produce a lot of kitchen waste? The size of this pull out is based on these answers.


Remodeling the kitchen is one of the most exciting times for a homeowner. Chances are, you’ve spent years with a certain setup and have constantly been thinking of new ways to make life easier. Keep in mind, when it comes to kitchens, convenience many times equals flashiness.

Adding these accessories to your layout is a fantastic way to achieve this. At San Diego Kitchen Pros, our decades of experience in kitchen remodels have made us experts in pinpointing the little details that make huge differences. Whether you are wanting to completely redefine the look, or just make a few tweaks, we are happy to work with you and find solutions that make the cooking process as user-friendly as can be.