6 Kitchen Trends Poised to Make an Impact in 2018

The holidays and New Years are right around the corner. As 2017 comes to an end, it’s becoming very clear that 2018 has a lot of great things in store. This past year has been a fascinating time in the design world. We have seen a number of preferences and approaches emerge, re-emerge, and redefine themselves.

In recent years, the kitchen as truly taken center stage. It’s quickly become a room that encompasses the unique personality of the entire home. If you are planning a remodel or revamp of any kind in the coming year, here are six trends to keep in mind.

1. Hidden Functionality

Hidden functionality in the kitchen is a byproduct of the minimalist trend. The core ideology of this trend is to utilize every single inch of an area. As this concept inevitably made its way to the kitchen, there have been all kinds of ingenious solutions for more incognito storage and usability to emerge.

Some of the most popular uses of hidden functionality include tip out trays for unsightly sponges, pull out drawers for trashcans and recycling bins, and pop up boxes for knife storage. In addition to these accessories, many people are electing to build special nooks and crannies into their cabinetry to keep appliances like coffee makers, toasters, blenders, ect. off their counters.

The possibilities for clever ingenuity are virtually endless. The way it’s looking, this is a trend that will surely extend past 2018!

2. Reclaimed Wood

Sustainability, as a whole, is a VERY hot topic right now. Many homebuyers these days are big on the idea and have ambitions to incorporate it as much as possible. In terms of materials, the use of reclaimed wood in a kitchen layout is one of the biggest trends in the industry as of now.

From cabinets, to island accents, to floating shelf units, this route has no shortage of opportunities to achieve a unique look. The simple fact that many of these wood types are no longer available brand new can bring a special charm to a kitchen unlike anything else. The profound sense of history and rustic appeal is a hot selling point for many people during a remodel.

The trend of environmental friendliness has really kicked into high gear as of late, and using reclaimed wood in your kitchen is wonderful way to help the cause in style throughout 2018.

3. Open Shelving

At first mention, open shelving might not sound all that appealing. Terms like visible clutter and disorganization tend to come up. However, the open shelving format saw a giant boost in popularity in 2017, with no signs of slowing down in 2018. As long as you prioritize organization, open shelves can give off a magnificent light and airy vibe. This trend is perfect for smaller kitchens looking to create a more open feel.

For all the benefits open shelving can deliver, this trend does not come without challenges. In addition to keeping everything organized, you have to consider the contents of each shelf. Every utensil, piece of china, bowl, appliance, wine bottle, ect. factors into the overall aesthetic of the room.

If you choose to capitalize on this trend, consider placing similar colored contents in the shelves for a more uniform look.

4. The Industrial Look

Over the past few decades, the industrial look has been fully embraced by the design world. The clean and polished essence has been a huge appeal for more open floor plans with higher ceilings.

The perfect mix of wood, metal, and welded components can do wonders to modernize a kitchen. The most common characteristics of this trend include darker accented cabinets, concrete countertops, and exposed brickwork. The result is a fantastic look that not only modernizes a kitchen, but brings a sleeker charm to the composition of the entire home.

This trend has only been picking up steam as time goes. 2018 looks like it will be a big year for industrial style kitchens.

5. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting has quickly become a preferred way to create focal points in a kitchen. Most commonly used over islands and dining room tables, pendant lighting can do a lot to craft an authentic touch that compliments all of the other elements in the room.

The sheer versatility and wide selection of fixtures can do just about anything to build certain type of energy. If used correctly, this type of lighting has an interesting ability to upgrade any space. A common finding in contemporary kitchens these days is the color grouping of white, red, or black pendant lights. In older homes, many owners are using rustic lighting to keep their kitchen true to its throwback character.

Best of all, pendant lights are incredibly easy to install. Due to the lighter weight, the risk of structural damage is significantly lower. This trend is definitely not exclusive to just 2018. As the younger generation begins to buy homes, the popularity of pendant lighting is poised to continue.

6. Emphasis on Hardware

Hardware is often times an overlooked factor in a kitchen remodel in San Diego. If you are updating your cabinets, the hardware you choose is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

2017 was a certainly a year that promoted an importance to the smaller details in a kitchen design. When it comes to choosing things like cabinet knobs, pulls, and plumbing hardware, the choice is not always black and white. Keep in mind, every time you turn a light on, there will instantly be focus placed on each piece.

Currently, many homeowners are choosing chrome or brushed nickel to compliment the room. 2018 is looking like it will be a big year for bold kitchen hardware. The good news is you are able to test the look and feel of each piece and how it meshes with all the other elements before making a final decision.


Looking back, the evolution of kitchen design preferences is amazing. A big part of our job involves keeping up on all the trends and finding the perfect approach for each project.

Through the years, the crew at San Diego Kitchen Pros have worked in accordance with all kinds of fads and trends to provide clients with topnotch kitchen layouts.

If a remodel of revamp is on the horizon for 2018, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts and we will find a perfect solution everyone will be proud of!